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A little about what is going on at The Nesting Place at the moment

Our Vision

At The Nesting Place, a high value is placed on empowering women through the process of childbirth, helping them to experience a transformation into motherhood.

BirthWorks and The Nesting Place embody the philosophy of developing a woman's self-confidence, trust, and faith in her innate ability to give birth.

The Nesting Place's holistic approach provides emotional preparation for birth alongside the current scientific research.

Next Class Dates

Starting Soon

Childbirth Preparation Classes, BORN TO BIRTH series starting soon.
4 consecutive Saturdays.

9am - 12.30pm in Welcome Bay.
Still some places remaining. Book now.

At Your Nesting Place

One to one with couples held at your home (minimum 9 hours), evenings and weekends within Tauranga (available to travel further at request), times arranged to suit your needs.

Refresher classes (to suit a couples' needs, minimum planned 6 hours) arranged to suit. Intensive courses available.
To find out more or book your place Contact Us.


The Nesting Place is fortunate to have many links with organisations that also support pregnant women and new families. It takes a village to raise a child and at The Nesting Place we feel passionately about working together with these organisations to support the creation and growth of such villages for as many families as possible.

Please ask for referral to holistic local agencies and organisations that may be of use on your journey, there are some awesome services out there!


A little about the services we currently offer

Childbirth Preparation

Group classes

Childbirth Preparation

At your place

Labour TENS

Personal hire

Postnatal Support

At your place


Books and DVD's to borrow

SCBU Support

Special Care Baby Unit Support


Coming in 2016

  • Jan/Feb

    Birth Trauma Support Workshop

    This is a free workshop facilitated by Voice for Parents. Meeting with other mothers and fathers who have experienced birth as a traumatic event and begin your healing journey. More details.

  • Jan/Feb

    The Village Nest

    A social morning tea with others who have completed The Nesting Place classes who would like to meet with like-minded mamas and mamas-to-be for ongoing sharing and support. More details to come.

  • 2016

    TEDx - 10 of the best

    We'll save you trawling through and bring you the best TEDx talks when it comes to birth, babies, and parenting. Come and watch with us and meet like-minded families in your community. More details to come.

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About Me

How it all began

Emily Searle

The Nesting Place Founder

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother of two incredible children (and a dog). A trained physiotherapist, a Childbirth Educator with BirthWorks International, a member of Trust Homebirth Tauranga, and a passionate believer in intuition.

As a facilitator of the BirthWorks process through The Nesting Place, my intention is to provide evidence based information on pregnancy, birth and early parenting and to inspire couples to become the experts of themselves, their choices, their babies, and their journeys.

I am a women who has been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by the right people at the right time. My life so far has been an incredible journey including experiencing having my first baby prematurely, and the birth of my son at home. It was my training as a physiotherapist and the growth I have experienced through my years as a mother, that have led me to where I am now; at a place where my focus is on the need for respect and humanity around the amazing power, instinct, and normalcy of childbirth, and the necessity of the village to raise a child.

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20 Riverstone Drive, Welcome Bay, Tauranga, New Zealand